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That chill running down your spine —
  is it just the melting snow?

The thirteen stories in The Snow Cow tell of love and death, terror and joy, mixing ancient myths with modern legends. They are stories to be shared in the firelight after a long day’s skiing.

Experience impossible love in Not This Time. Ski with a ghost in The Long Man. Discover a new twist to an old legend in The Passport of Dorian Gray. And be haunted by the terrifying tale of The Snow Cow herself!

“These stories raise deeper philosophical, epistemological, and in many cases, theological questions. So there are mysteries within mysteries here, and I am thus still thinking about many of these stories (just because they are great stories) and still reflecting on the deeper mysteries they raise (because they are such haunting questions in humanity's bigger search for answers). Highly recommended!”review by L.J. Erste on amazon.com. See more reviews here.

The Snow Cow, by Martin Kochanski · 192 pages

Publication: 19 November 2009
ISBN: 0 956319 90 4
ISBN-13: 978 0 956319 90 6

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