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How to buy

The quickest way is to get it from Amazon. Here are the links for the UK and USA:


In the UK

From a bookshop

Order The Snow Cow from your local bookshop if you can, because bookshops are an important resource and we need to support them.

The details they'll need to look up in their catalogues are:

ISBN (10 digits): 0-956319-90-4

or ISBN (13 digits): 978-0-956319-90-6

Both the main book wholesalers in the UK (Gardners and Bertrams) will accept your bookshop's order. At the moment they aren't stocking The Snow Cow, only supplying it to order; but they tell us that they will start stocking the book if they get enough orders.

Similarly, most bookshops won't think of stocking a book (that isn't heavily promoted) until they're getting regular sales of it; so your order will help!


If you haven't got a bookshop nearby, or they're unhelpful about ordering books, then one of these online bookshops will help. The ones marked with a star (*) are keeping The Snow Cow in stock for immediate despatch.

Amazon UK* · WH Smith

BookkooB - a price comparison site for UK online bookshops

Other countries

Amazon USA*

Amazon Canada

Amazon France

Amazon Germany

Amazon Japan



Kindle (UK)

Kindle (USA)


Trade orders

If you are in the book trade then please see this page.